Who we are

Our history

What does the future hold for us?

Our Philosophy


Working for the sustainable development of agribusiness.

Conciliating economic, social, environmental interests, seeking harmony between the aspirations of all parties involved with agribusiness, aiming to guarantee its sustainability.


To be the best and the largest distributor of agriculture inputs in Brazil

To constantly seek continuous improvement in our management, in order to become a benchmark for excellence in the adopted practices in managing people, in the application
of financial resources, in exceeding the expectations of our collaborators, clients and suppliers and in our relation with society.


Each one of these pillars define our DNA as a company:

Sustainability: balancing the economic, social, environmental interests of our operations to guarantee the longevity and consistency of our business.
Integrity: conducting our actions and decisions by ethics, education and impartiality focusing on maintaining a fair, respectful and inclusive environment.
Passion: promoting the engagement, evoking the feeling that drives, motivates and that makes us wanting to take care, protect, watch over and commit to the company’s success.
Customer focus: directing all the company’s areas to deliver the best experience to our clients.
Simplicity: transforming the agribusiness complexity into simple strategies and actions, through clear and objective communication, generating efficient solutions for the success
of Agro Amazônia and our collaborators, partners and clients.
Safety: promoting and maintaining a safe working environment, protecting people, their data, assets and the environment.

Our Organizational Culture

We are a company devoted to people.

Our culture is what drives us, not only by finding and keeping incredible people in our team, but also to develop their abilities and help them do their jobs daily. This care makes the difference in the special treatment to our clients, in the maintenance of a good organizational environment and in the quality of the services offered, thus promoting Agro Amazônia’s constant growth.

Our Goal

To be recognized as the main partner of the national agribusiness, offering farmers in the country’s main agricultural regions a broad portfolio of high-quality services and products. Always working with the best brands, a special customer service and technical assistance.

Our Brand

Today, the Agro Amazônia brand is nationally recognized and constantly invests in marketing actions aligned to its values, that not only promote the brand but also benefit good relations with clients and suppliers, motivate the collaborators and add value to agribusiness and to communities.

Since April 2021, Agro Amazônia has been a sponsor of Cuiabá Esporte Clube (soccer team). Two brands that, with a lot of work and dedication, are expanding throughout Brazil being proud of their origins.

Agro Amazônia carries out several social actions, such as our support to the Associação Centro América of Shotokan Karate, responsible to assist children and teenagers in social vulnerability and to promote the practice of physical exercises, as well as discipline, focus and other values karate offers its practitioners.

Our Differentials

  • Trust and good relations are the result of 40 years of partnership.
  • Financial strength and security of a multinational company with local operations.
  • Complete portfolio of services and products from exclusive brands, with a special customer service and technical assistance.