Our portfolio

Exclusive portfolio of products and services in agronomic consultancy: Soil analysis / Leaf / Sap / Nematodes / Compaction.
AprofundAA: Seed treatment, focusing on stimulation, nematode control and root protection.
AcelerAA: Shield against stress, as well as stimulating the development of culture.
FortAAlece: Protects the plant, associated with fungicides.
Complete line of soil and top dressing fertilizers.
Inoculants, Adjuvants, Foliar Nutrition, Controlled-release nitrogen, Phytochemicals and Biologicals.


We offer a wide range of high-quality agriculture solutions. We offer pesticides from the most renowned brands on the market, assuring our clients high effectiveness and reliability of our products.  

Our specialized team provides advanced technical support to help farmers make the best decision, applying the pesticides correctly, always aiming for productivity. In addition to that, we prioritize sustainability in every step of the process, promoting responsible and ecological practices in the use of pesticides.

Plant nutrition and fertilizers - NutrAA

As a technological platform for plant nutrition, NutrAA is an Agro Amazônia’s own and exclusive brand. NutrAA has been in the market for 9 years and it was developed with the purpose of bringing our clients solutions in recommendations and use of the best products and services related to plant nutrition, from the collection of information in the field that gives a correct diagnosis, allowing us to offer the best recommendation and to monitor the use of commercialized inputs. 

We have a complete portfolio of leaf nutrition, whether with macro or micronutrients, biofertilizers and biologically active products, with sustainable and economically efficient options! 

Our expectation is to maintain the best efficiency of the products and, by that, the highest crop productivity.


Agro Amazônia has a wide portfolio of seeds and operates in the main crops of Brazilian agribusiness like soybeans, corn, cotton and pastures, delivering a complete mix of products to serve the several needs of farmers. 

In the pursuit for maximum productivity, we provide our clients the best available genetics on the market, always combined with a wide platform of inputs and services.


With a team made of great seeds experts, we offer with precision the best available solutions on the market of technology, innovation and genetics, high-performance products from partner companies and from our own brand, Dagma seeds.  

In addition, we have a wide network of distribution centers in the main producing regions, providing convenience and efficiency to our customers.

Agro Amazônia Seed Department

Systematic monitoring of quality control.
Fluxo do controle de qualidade

We have learned from our clients that the best option when sowing is to systematically monitor quality, thus providing the best recommendations. Our presence with the farmer during sowing generates security and trust.

We make the difference to your crop from generation to generation. High productivity with stability and safety in different situations with ease and agility for the new generations. 


For farmers seeking for high productivity, we have a rich portfolio of Hybrids with the best and most modern technologies and genetics on the market. With a team of specialists, we bring the best solution and combination of products, meeting the needs of each producer.


The state of Mato Grosso is the biggest producer of cotton fiber in Brazil.
Agro Amazônia started its history in agriculture with this crop in 1999 and today, we sell TMG products through partnerships with licensed companies of the brand.


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