Technology for the Field

Recognizing the importance of technology for agribusiness, we provide AgTech services with digital solutions and technological tools that help farmers in their properties management, through technical information that optimizes agricultural processes. 

We are always looking to provide new business and technologies that bring more efficient solutions to rural producers. 

The app that makes life in the countryside easier.

IBI Agro Intelligence is the new application developed by Agro Amazônia exclusively for its customers.
It concentrates data that you would use from other applications in a single location.
Easy to navigate, it centralizes information and other tools to speed up and optimize the producer’s analysis and decision-making.


Precision agriculture and livestock
Soil fertility management service, where analyses are carried out by a partner company that provides precision agriculture services with a focus on grid soil sampling and knowledge of variable rate recommendations, using its own algorithms to generate recommendation maps.


Diagnosis by sap analysis
Nutritional diagnosis of plants through the reading of nutrient levels in the sap, using statistical models created by Optionline and a portable spectrometer to return results to the producer in few moments and with sufficient precision to allow correct the decision making in relation to a nutritional management.

Eye of the Farmer

Weighing with a 3D camera
Measurement of the animal's body mass using a 3D camera and Artificial Intelligence. The solution was developed for weighing animals at pasture, avoiding the need for animals to walk excessively to the corral in order to check their weight, as well as enabling more frequent weighing to monitor the animals' weight.

AAir Drone

Drone mapping
Services provided using drones, carried out by consultants who have pilot certification. Through surveys and studies of the area of interest, we offer different solutions, including: biomass mapping, variable rate nitrogen, variable rate growth regulator, seed rate and digital level curves.


Climate intelligence service
Climate intelligence service, with smart devices that use machine learning and cloud computing, to provide a source of accurate and exclusive environmental information about regions. The devices are equipped with climate and earth sensors, have a robust design, are easy to install and can be changed places whenever convenient.
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